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Moving can be one of the most stressful times in your life. That is why we have decided to take the stress out of moving by providing you a comprehensive Moving Checklist which should keep you on top of things and give you control over your move. It will show you what you need to consider from the beginning to the end of your move.

To make it even easier for you we have checklist ready to download and use immediately. It is in excel format and you can use it as is or even add whatever you need to the list to ensure that your move is easy, speedy and stress free.

Following the checklist is simple and easy and will take a minute or two of your time ultimately alleviating all the worry and stress of trying to remember mundane things. Just add the tasks to your calendar to make sure you stay on top of your tasks as planned.

The checklist starts off with your preparation which would be about a month or two before. You need to consider things like what kind of budget you have for the move and what you are prepared to spend on it. You need to think about the timing of the move and will it be more cost effective during the week instead of a weekend. Also things like checking to see if your utilities need to be pre-authorized or installed like your phone lines, or when you should be alerting the council that you should be billed to a certain date to avoid having to pay more on water and electricity once you have moved out.

Please see our other sections on the website for handy tips when moving and the inventory lists which should help you to get a better handle on your move.

We hope that you find this moving checklist to be helpful and easy to use. We look forward to quoting you very soon!


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