Dry Bulk Solids Transportation by Afriworld Transport

From raw materials delivered to your factory to completed products ready for distribution, Afriworld has the capability, experience and professionalism you require to handle all of your transportation needs.

Whether delivering inbound goods required for your production or outbound to your nationwide clients our speedy service will ensure that your manufacturing process will enjoy the fastest possible through-flow, so you can service the needs of your own client base quickly, efficiently and without fuss.

Our competitive pricing structure will also impact your own bottom line and maximize your profits on each delivery. If you call one of our experienced and friendly consultants we can even organize a ‘round-trip’ based quote for you.

You may be, for example, a manufacturer of high end clothing. We can deliver the fabrics, denims, thread, buttons etc straight to your plant and IN THE SAME TRIP repack the lorry with completed manufactured shirts and pants to take either to your own depot / warehouse or even directly to your own stockists or retail outlets. You simply provide us with your delivery schedule and we will deliver the required number of cartons anywhere you need, nationwide.

This round-trip service is particularly efficacious in the world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) where time is of the essence both in your own manufacturing process and the need to have the goods on the shelves.

In regard to the food industry Afriworld’s fleet of refrigerated trucks can ensure that your inbound ingredients and outbound product suffer no deterioration in transit.

We also offer a comprehensive insurance policy so that you may feel easy about the wellbeing of your cargo, no matter the value.

Call now and put Afriworld’s experience to the test and you will find an invaluable partner to your own company.

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