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Generally speaking, in any given household there are many different furniture pieces ranging in value. Especially important are expensive antiques, pianos, fine furnishings, dining room suites, bedroom suites, artwork, statuary, vases, bits and pieces, fine dishes, china, special glassware, crystal, paintings, wall coverings, etc. Each of these valuables will require their own unique packing, wrapping and moving technique in order to avoid being damaged during the relocation process.


  • Tour your home, (include your loft, garage etc.) to determine what items you will be moving. Have a garage sale or donate items you will not be moving to a charity, this will reduce your relocation costs.
  • Make necessary travel arrangements, flight, hotel, vehicle rental, etc.
  • Start using up all extra food stocks, frozen food (cannot be shipped) and tinned food, it will reduce the weight of your goods and moving costs.


  • Contact an Afriworld Removals Agent to arrange for a quotation.
  • Notify Post Office, bank, places you hold an account with such as banks, leases, business or credit accounts of your new address.
  • Notify schools.
  • Return library books, DVD’s, and other borrowed items and collect items loaned.


  • Dispose of all flammables, aerosols, paint, propane tanks, etc.
  • Start packing if you are planning to do some or all of it yourself.
  • Arrange to disconnect your utilities, etc.
  • Arrange to connect utilities and phone at your new home.


  • Depending upon their age, children need to be prepared in advance for the moving challenge. Infants, of course, are better off being cared for away from the origin and destination residences until the move is complete. It's best to keep them away from all of the turmoil of moving until the new residence has been made ready for them. Their need for much care and attention can be extremely diverting from the focus of moving. So when moving, parents should to plan well in advance for a separate place for their infant to stay on move day or arrange for a baby sitter.
  • Set up a specific area in your home for items you are taking with you personally.
  • Finish packing.
  • Label all boxes with your name, and name of room you would like them moved into.
  • Drain water from garden hose and all oil & fuel from power mower and machinery.
  • Arrange to have all your major appliances serviced before moving day.


  • Empty refrigerator and freezer, defrost and wipe down.
  • Clean.
  • Finish packing all personal items.


  • Make sure someone is available to answer your mover’s questions.
  • Keep vacuum out to clean areas where furniture used to be.
  • Complete a final inspection of your home with your mover; make sure all rooms, closets, etc. are empty.
  • Contact Afriworld Removals to obtain your final moving costs so you can have the proper payment ready on your delivery date.
  • Keep your Quotation number handy in case you need to track your goods.


Packing Tips

When it comes to moving we all have the nightmare that is what to start with and when to start. You can start packing your house a little at a time way before hand to make things easier. You can start with things which do not require everyday use. So anything and everything that you can live without in that time frame.

What you will need for packing is:

  1. Boxes – make sure you get the right boxes for the right items. For heavier items you could use double walled boxes and for lighter items only single walled boxes will do. Also choose the right size boxes. If you have breakables, a double walled small to medium size box is best.
  2. Masking tape – Any masking tape will do. Just get the correct width to ensure that it covers the box slit with at least 20mm on each side.
  3. A permanent marker – Each box should be labeled with the box number, room name and contents. This method will ensure that you know which box it is that is being moved and will know where exactly to place it and when to open it
  4. Colour stickers – by colour coding your boxes and drawing up a colour chart you can easily identify the room you intend the boxes for. For example, you could put a yellow sticker on all kitchen boxes. This will enable you to quickly identify where the box needs to go.
  5. Big black bin bags – For an easy way to pack and move your clothes, take a black bin bag and cut a small whole in the top of it – just enough to fit your hangers through. This way you can pack up your whole hanging closet and be able to rip off the plastic and hang on the other side!

Some Extra tips

  1. Remember that when you are packing breakables put fluffy toys or pillows and blankets in between for extra padding. This way you also save space by packing them in between instead of their own box.
  2. You can also use wheeled suitcases to pack your books into. Books can be very heavy and cumbersome to carry so by packing them in wheeled suitcases you will save you boxes and not have the issue of carrying them.




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